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Year 6 we have covered a lot of language in our Lesley Gore time, and we learnt a lot, sang and danced, acted and put our view forward on ‘It’s My Party!’ Good job!

Here is a little activity for you!

Listen to the old version of ‘You Don’t Own Me’ and then compare it to the latest version by Grace.

Write down 2 statements about the two songs, comparing differences or finding 2 similarities.

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  1. I think that the songs sound different because in Lesley Gore’s the music is deeper and so is her voice.
    In Grace’s version there is rapping by G-Eazy and so there is 2 people which affects on how the song sounds.

  2. Jasmine and Leanne

    -Changes tone more
    -Stronger voice
    -Sustains her words
    -Has rapping in between
    -Darker theme
    -More effects added
    -High pitch

  3. Old Song:
    1: I believe that the older version is still good but there some little tweaks that need to be done to make it better compared to the newer version to the song.

    2: In the older version it is slower paced to the newer because to me the rapping in the new is speeding up the pace.

    New Song:
    1: I think they have changed the song completely because they have changed the words taken some away and added new bits to the song.

    2: I think that the newer version of the song is a bit more for the younger people because they have raps and other stuff in it, also because it sounds like an everyday song you would hear on the radio.

    What have they got the same?
    1: I believe that the song are very alike except the added words and raps, i think that the theme words “you don’t own me” are the same and still sounds the same.

    2: over all the songs are amazing and pretty much the same because the newer version is only a remake and not much has really changed

  4. In the new version there is rapping which makes the veers go faster and hard to understand and the tune is faster. The voice is different because this one isn’t as high pitch.
    In the old version there is no rapping and it goes slower and it makes it easier and the tune is slower. The voice is different as well because this one has it not as high pitch.

    1 I thought that the old song was a little bit slow. The reason i said that was because when i listened to the new song it was the right speed for me. With the old song Lesley Gore didn’t have lots of expretions on her face.
    With the new song it was much faster. Also it had a little more rap in the new song. I think i liked the new one better.

  6. I like the song You don’t own me and I like both versions and they both sound different and have different tones and instruments.

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