Hello world! Welcome to Six TH

Welcome to Six TH we are a dynamic and authentic learning class in a north eastern Melbourne suburb.

We are a class made up of 22 students, one very experienced support teacher and one patient and fun Teaching Assistant. We all share in the learning in Six TH.

Our school is over 80 years old and has a strong Catholic story.

This year we year sixes will be acknowledging the opening of our school in our part of the whole school production.

We will make our Confirmation on Sunday 2nd August at St Monica’s College auditorium.

This year we will be celebrating our Church : St Peter’s is turning 150 years old.

We value our love of God ,learning, sharing, reflecting and want to be resilient in all areas of our lives.

In 2016 we will all begin in year 7 at local Catholic and State secondary colleges, it is going to be very exciting.

It’s our party after all!



  1. Marcus De Propertis

    The old song/ you dont own me. i think that the old song was ok becuase she did not really try to sing good but i think she had the confidence to sing that song.
    the new song/ you dont own me.i think the new song is so much better becuase it is more new and it has a rap and the girls vocal cords are wormed up so thats why she sounds really good

  2. you don’t own me
    Old version
    it was originally sang
    by Lesly gore.
    no rap in the song.

    They had the same words.
    They had the same song.

    New version
    It has a rap in the song.
    There was a man in the song singing with
    the girl.

  3. You Don’t Own Me
    The Old version has less words and less music effects but the new version has much more words and much more effects along with a rap/rapper. in my opinion the new version of the song is better. Same some things that are same out of the two songs are/have…
    same name
    simular words
    both girls

  4. I think the new song is better than the old one because, in the new one there is a rap and more music and instruments, but in the old on there was no rap and it didn’t have a variety of music. Also there more words in the new one but in the old one it’s a repeat of the same thing.

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