Hello world! Welcome to Six TH

Welcome to Six TH we are a dynamic and authentic learning class in a north eastern Melbourne suburb.

We are a class made up of 22 students, one very experienced support teacher and one patient and fun Teaching Assistant. We all share in the learning in Six TH.

Our school is over 80 years old and has a strong Catholic story.

This year we year sixes will be acknowledging the opening of our school in our part of the whole school production.

We will make our Confirmation on Sunday 2nd August at St Monica’s College auditorium.

This year we will be celebrating our Church : St Peter’s is turning 150 years old.

We value our love of God ,learning, sharing, reflecting and want to be resilient in all areas of our lives.

In 2016 we will all begin in year 7 at local Catholic and State secondary colleges, it is going to be very exciting.

It’s our party after all!


All Systems Go!


Cut and paste this site about systems and have a look at what this term’s unit is all about.

Saints research assignment

Hello everyone. By now you have your design brief for your saint’s research project. I know some of you are yet to begin but as you know it is no use leaving it til the last moment.I also know that some of you have the two assignments running at the same time, this is an amazing skill if you can master it. Remember :Your saint is someone that you feel connected too, so the assignment should be easy enough from that perspective.Good luck and happy learning.

Dear saints in heaven pray for us.
Dear Saints in heaven pray for us!

Video Demo

Year 6 we have covered a lot of language in our Lesley Gore time, and we learnt a lot, sang and danced, acted and put our view forward on ‘It’s My Party!’ Good job!

Here is a little activity for you!

Listen to the old version of ‘You Don’t Own Me’ and then compare it to the latest version by Grace.

Write down 2 statements about the two songs, comparing differences or finding 2 similarities.

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Countries of the world

to see and hear countries of the world which we may confuse geographically, spelling wise or in hemisphere placement.
we can tell and locate Ireland not Iceland and realise we live in Australia not Austria as Arnold Schwarzeneggar seems to think he does!:)

big kids tables sing a long

sing a long and post a comment as to how many you can remember

if all the world were a village of 100 people


Watch the video
In the comment box using a PMI chart

work with a partner to think, pair, share on yur particular section of the video

Frozen “Let it Go “

Using the comment box

  1. Watch this song once
  2. watch it again then note down what you think the song is about
  3. what is it that the song writer wants us to believe
  4. make a comment on the visuals, the colour, background, dress, hair are they suitable for this type of song?
  5. How would you change to the visuals?